How to Fix Repair Replace Broken Bose Aviation Headset X A10 Yoke Part / Ear Cup Mount

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Bose Aviation Headset X (A10) Headset Reviews and Headset Parts Kit as a Repair Solution


The Bose company has been around for decades and has continually been known for high quality, durability and innovation in design. Their audio equipment has always shined amongst competitors and has set trends within the industry. Bose aviation headset designs have also followed this path. Aviators globally and myself can attest to the craftsmanship and dependability of the headsets they have made over the last 20 years.


When the Bose A10 headsets were introduced in 1998 they brought with them innovations and ergonomics in headsets that had never been seen before. Active noise reduction had become a standard feature drastically reducing engine noise by the use of small microphones in each earcup that monitor ambient noise. The electronics would then detect the distracting noise and create an opposing signal to lower the noise. The design was lighter weighing only 12 ounces, more durable and more compact. The design also exerted less clamping force than other headsets of the time and even still surpasses some headsets of today. The design has made a significant difference in how I feel after long flights. 40 hours of battery are provided through two AA batteries with technology that adjusts the need for power depending on the amount of flightdeck noise.


Even though production ended in 2009 many aviators still have these as a main headset or a backup. By repairing these headsets the useful life will be drastically improved. You will have basically a new pair of headsets that still has great features to use on the next flight. Using the headset parts kit as a solution to repair your current ones is easy and cost effective.

Bose Aviation Headset X A10 Replacement Parts Kit

Each kit contains the yoke / wishbone parts (Left and Right), screws, T5 screwdriver and instructions to replace broken or deteriorating parts. The original yoke part is a common part to become worn or broken. The yoke part enables you to replace the connection between headband over and earcups. The T5 screwdriver will be to remove the screw from the headset’s wire bracket. The replacement parts are designed and manufactured by CentralSound and are not original Bose Parts. They are made out of strong and flexible PA-Nylon 12 waterproof material. They also guarantee that it will last forever. For those in warm environments the temperature is resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius. Also a lifetime warranty is included with purchase. CentralSound proudly stands behind their product.


Headsets are extremely important for aviators, therefore great attention is needed when choosing a headset. Fortunately, the Bose A10s had been rated #1 in Professional Pilot’s annual survey for nine years in a row in the past. For any aviator that still has a pair of Bose A10s it is definitely worth getting the repair kit! Your A10s will be restored and be able to function on for many years to come.



Replacement Ear Pads Installed on Bose Aviation Headset X A10