Our Mission

Discover, Repair, Revive!

“THE ENVIRONMENT COMES FIRST”; that’s what we at Central Sound believe. Every year about fifty million tons of electronic waste is generated globally (source: The World Counts). A lot of this waste comes from products, such as headphones, that can often be repaired and revived. Since most manufacturers don’t offer any support for repairs, you, the consumer, have no option other than to throw out your salvageable headphones and buy a new pair.

This is a problem we set out to solve back in 2014 when we first started. It has also been our mission statement ever since.

What is CentralSound?

At Central Sound, our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and resources that enable you to repair your own headphones without having to rely on unsupportive manufacturers. We believe in the customer’s Right To Repair, which is why we not only equip you with the parts you’ll need but also show you how to repair your headphones at home. More and more consumers nowadays demand the right to repair their products, and that is exactly what we strive to give.

  • We support the Right To Repair as a fundamental consumer right and empower people to take control of their devices.
  • Embracing Right To Repair fosters a culture of innovation. By providing access to repair information and parts, we encourage creative solutions in a community of problem solvers.
  • Our dedication to the Right To Repair extends beyond the environmental impact. It is about supporting local repair businesses, contributing to economic growth, and strengthening communities.
  • As a responsible small business, we actively advocate for policies that support the Right To Repair on a broader scale. We believe in driving positive change within the industry and beyond.

We innovate solutions to repair and revive your headsets, offering refurbishment and self-repair solutions with our innovative designs and tutorial videos. 

Our process, along with keeping e-waste out of the garbage, saves you money since you don’t have to spend on a new pair of headphones. With 59 million metric tons of e-waste being generated just last year (source: Statista), we plan on doing our part to reduce that number as much as possible. Do you?