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AirPods Pro 1st Generation Vs. AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

AirPods Pro 1st Generation Vs. AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

The Apple AirPods Pro first gen were released on 30th October 2019 at a price of $249. Whereas the second-generation of these Airpods came out on 23rd September 2022, with a price tag of $199-$250

The three year difference in the release of the second generation meant that there were going to be some definite improvements which made these stand out even more. Here is everything you need to know about the difference between the two generations of Airpods!

Improved Design

The second-generation Airpods are slightly different as compared to the first-gen. First of all, these now have a skin detection sensor instead of the proximity sensor that was used in the previous version. The vent in 2nd generation has also been moved up higher.


A new H2 chip has been installed in the new version of Airpods, which allows them to connect faster than the first-generation.

Apple also introduced the XS (extra small) ear-tip size for users with small ear canals who were uncomfortable with the first-generation’s ear-tips.

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More Useful Case

The case is mostly identical in terms of looks for both the generations of Airpods, but the newer version has many new and useful features that greatly improve its functionality.

First of all, it has a lanyard port on the side which allows you to attach a lanyard strap to your Airpods. This allows you to easily attach your Airpods case to your backpack or keychain without the fear of losing it.

The second-generation case is also equipped with a speaker on the bottom, which lets users know when the airpods are ready to pair.

Another upgrade is that the second-generation case is now IPX4 water-resistant just like the Airpods themselves!

New Controls

The only thing that changed as far as controls is that users can now swipe up and down on the airbuds to adjust their volume.

Charging And Battery Life

The first gen Airpods could only be charged by a wired connection; however, the second-generation Airpods can now be charged wired and wirelessly using an Apple watch charger.

The first-generation case's battery life was twenty-four hours, and the Airpods' was four to five hours. However, the second-generation case’s battery life has increased to thirty hours, and the Airpod’s battery life is increased to six hours.

Active Noise Cancellation

The ANC system in the first-generation was well received by the users as the ANC system had shut down most of the noise in the background; however, users could still hear some low-end sounds. The second-generation solves this issue with a better ANC system, eliminating all the background noises.

Transparency Mode

Like the ANC system, the transparency mode in the first gen was also really good, and the second gen further improves upon it, but it is a gradual change.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality of the first-generation airpods is reported by users to be just okay as it was not bad but not too amazing. But the second gen AirPods’ mic is superb and well-received by users.

New Features

The second-generation AirPods allow users to find their airpods if they are missing. The users can go to the “Find My” app and play a sound or open the “Find nearby” option to locate their AirPods.

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