How to Replace Battery in Select Corsair Gaming Headsets

How to replace the battery in these select models of Corsair Gaming Headsets


  • VOID
  • Void PRO
  • Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE
  • Void RGB
  • HS75 XB
  • Corsair Hs70SE
  • Corsair Hs70
  • Corsair Virtuoso RGB
  • Void Pro RGB-Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones 

Also Fits Gaming Mouses

  • Corsair Dark Core RGB 
  • Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro
  • Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE
  • CORSAIR Dark Core SE - RGB

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IMPORTANT - Please Read 

Before replacing the battery please look at the original battery connector/plug and check the polarity of the battery.  Red wire connection is positive " +" . Black is negative "-".  If it is reversed you will need to change the position of the wires in the connector/plug on the new battery.

CHANGE THE WIRE POSITION ONLY If the polarity of the wires on the connector/plug in new battery are reversed in comparison to the original battery connector/plug. This is not a problem--NO SOLDERING IS REQUIRED-- you will need to take the wires out of the plastic plug and reverse them. To do this, take the smallest screwdriver or small blade you own, very gently pry up the two plastic tabs on the top of the plug one at a time, and gently pull the wire out of the plastic plug.( Don't yank!).  

How to change polarity in connector
How to change polarity in connector
How to change polarity in connector