Replacement Part Kits for Sony Headphones

Replacement Part Kits for Sony Headphones

Many of us have been in a challenging situation when the slider part of our Sony headphones snap, and now we think the only way to fix this is to get a pair of new headphones. Compromising on Sony's bass-boosted sound is tough and there can be times when you don't have the budget to grab a new pair of headphones.

So what's the optimal solution if you can't afford new headphones?

Budget can restrict you, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on good sound quality. You can get a replacement slider. And if you have extra cash, get some ear pad cushions; this way, you will have a pair of headphones as good as new.

But the real question is, Where would I get such accessories for replacement?

CentralSound is the one-stop solution for many replacement parts. Want to learn more about the replacement parts offered at CentralSound? Keep reading because here we will cover the most popular parts provided by the company. Let's get started!

All Sony Headphone Kits Available At CentralSound

Here is a list of all the Sony headphones replacement kits that are offered at CentralSound!

Note: Click or tap the links below to order the kits available!

These custom kits make it easy to replace the slider headband parts on your Sony headphones.  If you want to purchase a new set of ear pads cushion as well, then you can check them out below!

Ear pad Cushions

Ear pad cushions are one of the prime features which offer comfort when wearing headphones. Even if you buy a pair of luxurious headphones, the ear pad cushions usually deteriorate after six months. And buying new headphones just because of damaged ear pad cushions seems irrational.

CentralSound offers replaceable ear pad cushions for different models of Sony headphones, among many other brands. The earpad cushions ensure that your ears stay super comfortable while the aesthetics of your headphones are unaffected.

Replacing the ear pad cushions is also easy, as it only takes a few minutes. And if you are sensitive with colors and love to try different color combinations, CentralSound has various color options that you can choose for your headphones. 

Side Cover Sliders

One of the crucial parts of your headphones is the side cover sliders. And these side cover sliders can also break if you don't use the headphones carefully. But hey! Even if you break them by accident it's not a biggie as CentralSound offers optimal side cover sliders as a custom replacement part.

The replacement part kits contain the tools and instructions which will guide you on how you can replace your side cover sliders. The process is easy.

Features Of Side Cover Sliders

If you are still unsure whether getting the side cover sliders is worth an investment, then we assure you it's something you shouldn't miss out on. Why? Because they are upgraded and work as a perfect replacement. To make things clearer, here are some of the qualities you will find in the cover side slider of the headphones

  1. The material used in the manufacturing process is more substantial compared to the material used by Sony OEM parts. The material is also a bit flexible and less brittle.
  2. The side cover sliders are made from a type of material that is temperature resistant. (up to 130 degrees Celsius)
  3. Includes tools needed to make the repair.
  4. The part design has been redesigned and reengineered to make it even easier to repair.


If you are looking for replacement headphone parts, then CentralSound can be a reliable provider for all your headphones or headset needs. The best part about CentralSound is that they offer a lifetime warranty on their custom slider replacement part kits for Sony headphones.

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